Fire and Meat!  Satisfying primal needs since the

beginning of time!


Ever since humans discovered fire, man has been grilling and barbecuing meat to stay alive!  This primal need is deeply embedded within us.  Thousands of years later, cooking meat over wood (or charcoal) continues to take place as a daily ritual in every part of the world.  In the U.S., it is less a need than just a passion for good cooking. 


Most people confuse grilling with barbecuing.  Grilling takes place over direct fire.  It is fast and hot.  Barbecuing (smoking) takes place over an indirect fire, lower temperatures, and takes a much longer time.  Low and Slow.  It is the only way to cook tough meats like brisket and have them come out tender and moist.  Good barbecue takes time!




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Dances With Smoke BBQ





Grand Champion at:

  •    2014 Canadian National Barbecue Championship
  •    2008 Canadian National Barbecue Championship
  •    Washington State Barbecue Championship (multiple years/events)
  •    Oregon State Barbecue Championship


Reserve Grand Champion at:

  •    2015 Canadian National Barbecue Championship
  •    2009 Canadian National Barbecue Championship
  •    Washington State Barbecue Championship (multiple years/events)
  •    Oregon State Barbecue Championship (multiple years/events)
  •    Idaho State Barbecue Championship
  •    Montana State Barbecue Championship
  •    British Columbia Provincial Championship


Jack Daniels World Invitational BBQ Championship

  • 6th Place Beef Brisket 


Pacific Northwest BBQ Association

  •    2015 Team of the Year
  •    2009 Team of the Year
  •    2008 Team of the Year
  •    2007 Team of the Year


For a complete list of top awards click on the Awards Page!

Dances With Smoke has accepted invitations to compete this fall at the Americal Royal -The World Series of BBQ in Kansas City in October 4th - 6th.





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Pacific Northwest BBQ Association


Kansas City BBQ Society



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Grand Champion at the 2014 Canadian National BBQ Championship



Competition Tested

BBQ & Grilling Spice



Dances With Smoke currently has six (6) award winning spice rubs available for sale. 


Grilling Spice Rubs:

  • Steak Rub

  • Lemon Rub

  • Herbal Spice Rub (new)


BBQ Spice Rubs:

  • Beef Brisket Rub

  • Pork Rub

  • Chicken Rub



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Go to the Products page to order your award winning spice rubs or find out where they are available for sale.





Upcoming Events:


Barbecue Cooking Classes

Do you want to discover the secrets of traditional southern "low and slow" barbecue?  This is not a grilling class.  This class is designed to help people like the back yard cook that wants to improve their product to those thinking about competing in bbq competitions.  DWS Pitmaster, Tom Wallin, will be teaching a series of BBQ Pitmaster Classes along with other sucesseful NW Pitmasters, depending  on the size of the class.  Send him an email requesting details for each class  The dates and locations are as follows: 


April 27th          East Wenatchee, WA

May 18th           Lynnwood, WA


Click the link below to see video from previous classes and learn some helpful tips.

Valley Fresh - Pitmaster Class



2019 Barbecue Competitions


The 2019 BBQ Competition preliminary schedule has just been posted.  Dances With Smoke BBQ Team has the following competitions on its tentative schedule for the year:


April 13th & 14th     Puyallup, WA

May 4th & 5th          Langley, BC

May 25th & 26th      Coos Bay, OR

June 7th & 8th         Prosser, WA

July 12th & 13th       Lacey, WA

August 3rd & 4th      Whistler, BC

August 10th & 11th   Oak  Harbor, WA

August 17th & 18th    DuPont, WA